Bar San Calisto

 San Calisto at nightA decades-old Trastevere institution, bar San Calisto - as distinct from most venues in Rome - has never been renovated and sticks to its basic décor and cheap prices. It's open from early morning to late at night, and attracts people of any age and social standing - artists and intellectuals, alcoholics and idlers, housewives and American students.

Here you can have the best chocolate served in different ways: as ice-cream in summer (for only 1 euro!) or hot with fresh whipped cream in winter. After sunset it may be hard to find a table, but if you are in the mood, mingle with the young people standing outside and finish the evening enjoying a Sambuca con la mosca (with two coffee beans in the liqueur) or a delicious granita di caffè (crushed iced coffee with fresh whipped cream).

06 5895670 07.00 - 00.00 closed on Sundays - €

Piazza San Calisto, 3



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